Wide variety of equipment and solutions

Knives for slotters

Knives for the slotters, presenting its new wave-toothed cutting blade that gives us good reliability in the cutting of the grooves even in old machines that have a small pitch of knife holders. Circular cutting blades, tab, etc … Pneumatic ink pumps.


POLICART, manufacturer of polyurethanes, sufrideras for rotary die-cutting, non-crush wheels, slit rubbers, flange cutting… in different sizes and for the vast majority of machines.


RADOBLA. Plastic scrapers and ceramic scraper for flexography

Special screws

Special screws and in stock measures 3/8″ and 1/4″ with or without bronze; square head, dovetail head, etc …
Bronze trimming sacavirutas, metal strips, as well as any machining of special pieces of corrugated cardboard machines.

Strapping spare parts

Spare parts compatible with EMMEPI strapping machines..

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