Consultec s.r.l. is a company born from the decades of experience of its CEO Graziano Zava in the field of paper converting in general and in particular in folder-gluing machines. First as an installation technician employed by a major manufacturer of bending and gluing machinery Vega spa, then as a consultant for REVICART, BOSBT, JAGENBERG, GRASSI, GANDOSSI & FOSSATI etc. Naturally, the consultancy merged with the assistance to the different paper converting companies that use multi-brand folding-gluing machines, creating in this regard a team of specialized personnel with professional technicians in mechanical, electrical and electronic matters, for the resolution of all the problems construction of customized automatic devices that from time to time were presented to the end user customer.

Today Consultec s.r.l. is ready to offer the Italian and European market technical advice for the sale and assistance of new folder-gluers with high-performance technical devices of its own construction; Or, alternatively, it can offer used machines from all major world manufacturers, offering different degrees of adjustment and revision (in-depth, partial and customized review), optimizing the performance of the machine to the real technical production needs of the customer. Sales are accompanied by continuous support and advice throughout Europe. Customer care is completed by the possibility of providing all ordinary consumables, such as box carrying belts, introduction belts, glue, bearings, springs, spare parts in general and the construction and installation of special devices.

Consultec srl and Mega Service srl in March 2017 decided to forge a solid collaboration by joining forces and their products. The great experience accumulated by both companies during the years of activity has led to the creation and consolidation of a group capable of satisfying the market with new and innovative machines, designed to solve the problems of each box manufacturer, guaranteeing an immediate and precise after-sales, already highly appreciated in the European territory.

This union has resulted in a large group of mechanical and electronic technicians and a single design office, making research and development activities more flexible and unifying purchasing to reduce operating costs.

Consultec srl, Currently, thanks to the agreement reached with the company Mega Service s.r.l. of which it holds the worldwide exclusive, the offer has been expanded to include the entire range of “Colt” collection systems to complete our folding and gluing lines that already included feeder feeding systems, double introduction, control systems (tail, tail, code, etc.), Braille printing device; thus being able to offer all customers the complete line of Double feeder – Gluing folder – Collector and final strapping, line managed with a single source and management software Consultec srl.

A team of specialized personnel with professional technicians in the mechanical, electrical, electronic and software fields allows effective after-sales assistance while proposing the most appropriate and reliable solutions to overcome all operational problems with the development of technically more advanced solutions.

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